Forex day trading setups


forex day trading setups

Free Forex Signals Now Published: June 19 — June 23 All of these free Forex signals are based on price actionprice structure and can result in trading opportunities. These Forex signals use technical analysis to choose these trading setups. The signals are setup during the off hours of the FX market and the setups become live once the markets open on Sunday afternoon assuming you are in New York. If you have subscribed, you should receive an email letting you know signals are posted by Sunday afternoon. The beauty of Forex trading like this is you are not waiting for a lagging technical indicator to flash an entry signals. You can see, in advance, the setup that we are looking to take advantage of. While some of you may choose to scalp or day trade the foreign exchange market with these free signals, please note they are designed for a swing trading approach. You can also visit: How To Trade The Free Currency Trading Signals. The last week had the FOMC statement, BOJ monetary statement…. Price made moves but they were day bursts and while a potential pips is nothing to sneeze at, it was a difficult trading week. Here is a great article about summer trading that you should read. Full details from last weeks free FX signals can be found here. Nice setups from RKay. May God bless you multiple folds for making so many people rich through your free for ex trading course and trading setups. Thanks for the comment. Hope you are learning something from the course. I think sometimes the charts I post in the signals are almost a lesson themselves. I started with R then due to poor knowledge and greed I lost it all when the PM of Britain announced early elections. I had a lot of my pairs in GBP and it went the opposite. Keep up the great work. You certainly sound like you were way over exposed in GBP crosses which points to poor risk management. That can be learned though. Thank you so much. That is exactly what I did since I blew my account. I have been trading on Demo account. I am bit confused about swing trading. When do you place a trade and when do you think is time to take profits. The questions you have asked are way beyond the scope of my attention when it comes to these types of questions in the comments. There are plenty of swing trading strategies on this blog as well as this blog on swing trading strategies There are many ways and times to place a trade. There are many ways and times to take profits. You have to research. The candle stick on CADJPY, indicateso the buying pressure on the pair. Although a bearish reversal pattern double top is noticed. Bearish break out should have been noticed on Wednesday but there was buying pressure which I am not sure still exists today. You will see the CADJPY smashed through the first target that I listed on the chart. Hoping you got involved! We can just read the price and structure and form our opinion. The buying pressure clearly did not exist and there were clues pointing to that. Ah yes…but what is it telling us in terms of what occurred? To me, it says it was a test of the lows and when it traded back inside, the bulls did not show up to the party to push price further north. A true test, a true rejection of that price would have seen much more momentum than it showed. THANKS SHANNED, AFTER GOING THROUGH YOU FREE COURSE I AM NOW STARTING TO READ PRICE CHART LIKE A PRO THOUGH IT TOOK ME A LONG WHILE AND I WENT TROUGH THE COURSE 4 TIMES TO GET A GRASP. THANKS I WILL TELL MY FOLKS ABOUT, FROM NIGERIA. One of the hardest parts I think when it comes to price action and price patterns is the ability to set aside any bias you may have. A clear and objective look at the the charts can be difficult as we tend to seek out patterns a human trait that may not even be there. Greetings great one I hope you do not get tired of hearing same thing over and over again,the truth is your course is an eye opener,this new insight is very helpful and powerful but undervalued by many who do not know the real truth,I really applaud you for the difference your course has done for me. I can not thank you enough but your work is like the 8th wonder of the world,keep doing that amazing job,REALLY THEY SAY THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Hoping you are finding the breakdown of each signal written right on the chart helpful! You absolutely can access last week and many prior weeks. For the previous week, scroll to after the updates and you will see numbers 1…2…. Wow this website is truly amazing I found it a few weeks ago really underrated I made a few bucks with it. Learning new strategies every day!! Just wondering do u have a live online course? One message I got from this website is never stop learning!!! Thanks very much for the great comment! At this time there is no online course who knows what the future will hold but thanks for the trust. For sure…never stop learning. You can focus on a few simple strategies and then just keep improving on it…more so in consistency and risk control. Hi Shaned Thanks for your hard work. It really is very helpful. One question i would like to ask you is whether you know the London daybreak strategy and what you think of it. And if you think it is good maybe do a article where you explain it your way. There are a few variations of the London breakout strategy but if I was to go by the Martinez version…. I have no use for it. Place pending orders on each side of the range…. Where is the edge? I will trade breakouts…but there is a reason I will look for one and for a particular direction. This strategy has no bias. That DOES have an edge. I will say it over and over again…. I would like to get the signals also. Is it still available? My name is Luisa my email: Thanks for your support! Could you please setups my email please. They were not mailed out yet. You can forex swing by the page to ensure that the signals were updated for the coming week. A few hours after they are published, the emails get sent out. I never stop learning in your website here, many thanks to you bro. Thanks for the nice words. Glad you are learning a lot and hopefully making some pips! It is the right place to be…thanks for noticing. I hope you learn a lot from my website! Thanks a ton for sharing your signals and teaching many out there without any monetary interest very few people can do that!!! Thanks for the words. I just wanted to do something that I wish was available when I started trading. Let me know how things are going. Have been working my way through all the valuable informaion on your trading and must say again it is very informative. I have signed up for the weekly Trading Signals For FEB 27 — March 3 via email but have not received as yet. I live in New Zealand so s it because of the time zone and has not yet been sent out. Well Well that was quick. Have just received email so must have come through while I was typing previos comment. The emails are generally sent Sunday afternoon new york time. You can always check the FX signals page during the weekend because they are usually done Saturday or Sunday. My broker of choice is Oanda for FX. BO are dangerous, people lost money there. You would better trade Forex. Hi shamed I wanted to know if you have a personal email I can write to you at. If you want to send me a message, the best way is to put a comment in the http: They are not automatically posted and I read them all. Let me know what your interest is. How will I know when to buy, sell, place stop loss or take profit… like how do these signals or setups help me. I have to also be a swing trader or? Right above the current week update, you will see many links to show you what to do with the current day. While the term signal is used, they are setups and potential setups and you use the price action strategies that are contained in the course to help trade them. The questions you have asked are a trading course on their own but you will find day answers to most of your questions on my website. If you are using one of the simple strategies, you can wait for the signal to play out and then see how the strategy you are using is reacting. I highly suggest you set aside a lot of time and pour through all the information forex this website. I tried to compare your charts above with mine and noticed that we do not have same patterns. Some candles are note exactly same. Could you please tell me what is the time are you using on your charts? I use New York time. It is the concept that patterns speak to. Hey Rkay Thanks a lot for the great teachings. I just have one question though. Is a bearish Gartley pattern still tradeable when point B is still within XA but beyond the Depends on how beyond it is. You would be well served to test out that question over a basket of trades to see if it makes a difference. Purists may say it is not longer valid. Those that understand there is a level of randomness in the market may say it is an approximate level…not an exact one. I like to hear your thoughts on your bearish view on this chart, thanks. Bearish view came from the price pattern and multiple time frames. Let me also add that a rally to 1. When looking at a possible trend change time frame context and which your comment impliesI prefer to follow the pattern until the reversal is clear. That all said, the strong momentum and current as of this writing basing at top of momentum and under resistance is a bullish sign I prefer structure based analysis as opposed to a single strong break Good question…thanks! Mate, I am trying to marry up your charts with mine, but do not get the same results, i. I am using EST for my charts. Your question brings up a great point about individual candlesticks and their importance. It mentioned that RSI and AO on default settings, what are the periods for the RSI and AO for 15 minutes time frame. I will tell you that trying setups find the best setting for any indicator is a rabbit hole. It leads to much wasted time as well as over optimizing any trading system. In regards to default settings: AO is a 34 sma and 5 sma. Hey Shaned, First time to write here and loving your course. I appreciate the kind words! The course was written a while ago by the old owner of the website. I am updating a lot of what was written by him though. He certainly put a lot of love into the site. I hope that people see the charts that are posted and begin to find their own way to tackle the markets so they trading become self-sufficient. Trading is a wonderful business where really…you make your own future. I always say it is a meritocracy. You can however post your comments or questions here if you like. A great site for forex traders. Setups that pushed forex factory to become what it is today will push this project up. TAhank you a million times. That would be very cool if it became half as popular as FX Factory. I think that site takes a lot of work and infrastructure and may be too much of a job for me. Just keep coming here, checking out my content and signals…and I will be just as happy. I found your website a few weeks ago and I must say it is really useful and very informative, full of great content. You really did a great job, I like your free course, as you mentioned other courses charge for this and here it is free and very simply explained. I subscribed to your signals and would like to learn to trade like you. I read this post but still not very clear to me how to interpret your emails: Using the latest signals April 10 — April 14 signals you sent an email with 11 signals for this week. What I am confused about is those pips you mean you are expecting to gain if all signals will be successful? Also, those 8 charts are they from last week? I really like your approach and would like to learn how to trade it myself so if I understand what you are posting and sharing with us I would be able to progress. You expressed yourself very well in the comment. No worries about that. Thanks for the comment about the emails and such. Where you see just the currency pairs named, that is how the previous charts that were listed turned out. The current week is where the charts are. If not, please let me know. Hi Shaned, Thanks a lot for your reply and explanation. I can see the light at the and of the tunnel now: Maybe is would be simpler if that was shown on one chart, it would be visually clearer. But that is just my feedback. You are right that consistency is very very important. Long time ago I started to trade dailies and some candlestick signals and unfortunately then I hopped on something else even though I was going not that bad. This time I am going to stick with price action, my biggest challenge now is to have routine which is a bit difficult with small baby in family. I am in AU and NY close is morning, 7am or 9am so I need to find some time slot when to check charts. Btw what would you suggest? How to do chart analysis? Are you going through many pairs? How long it will usually take you to decide which pairs to trade for next day or week? Thank you for your time Jan. Worded is last week. You can go to the last weeks charts or simply download them to your computer. This is a free service and doing so would take far too much of my time to update each of the charts. You are not the only one who was having consistency and bought into another way of trading. It serves no purpose really as you are just taking steps backwards. We are not trading intra-day so you can just look at the close of each high transaction sessions. Not so much the Asian session. I do, depending on the context of setups, set an alert so in effect I am entering the trade intra-day although in reality in Forex we are all trading intra-day since its 24 hour market. How do I do chart analysis? Years of experience and understanding what I am looking at. Just because the chart is saying one thing…there are too many variables to worry about being right. Price movement is the result of many…or huge positions. I do scan many charts…. I usually look at the weekly first for swing trades. From there I can get a quick view of the price action of the latest week compared to others. Some chart patterns jump out…although horizontal support and resistance are MUCH better than any trend line. You can pop on a moving average which will smooth price. If price is chopping back and forth over the trend line…stay away. If price trading too far from trend line…expect mean reversion. Strong momentum moves can push price far above the average but consolidating at highs for example is a bullish move. There is FAR FAR too much to cover…. Hi Shaned, Thank you for your reply. Yes you are right downloading them to my computer and would be the best option. Didnt mean to be rude or something, I know you are kind enough to share all your knowledge with you for free, I only thought it would be easier for you. As you said the best is to follow your commentary and learn from there. I like your note: Thanks again for replying to all of my questions. Have a nice day: That an interesting question. It depends because what is best for a breakout trader may not be best for a pullback trader. You have to decide what trading style you will trade, momentum or mean reversion, and then decide what the optimal chart looks like. But my question today is:. And if so, which Leverage should I use? My broker uses up to 1: Good luck on your trading journey! My overall feelings on leverage is to trade what makes you comfortable. My rule of thumb is to use as little as possible and remember to base risk on actual account…. Hi RKay please can you add me on your free signals group am willing to learn under you,send them on my email address mbathaterrance gmail. Glad you are getting something out of them. Dear can you please tell me that why market gbpusd on move hundreds pips even that day there was no high impact news. Thank you very much. No words to praise or thanks for your wonderful helping mind. You are a real forex for all struggling traders like us…. Dear there was a post sorry forgot name or title on your site which was related to your personal experience feeling and like why you are not leaving Forex. You earned a lot You loss a lot, Please give me the link of that post that is really great,I remember your site because of that one and other thing is all indicators. Habibi, Habibi Thank you very much. Your site is amazing but this is the best thing and second thing is price action course i studied it today, that is really great,approximately all things i know already but how i visited hundreds sites and here i found all things are together and i just revised my two years learning in two hours, again thank you. God bless on you Rkay. I like to subscribe to your free forex trading weekly signals. I could not locate the confirmation button in the email you sent me. Am I missing something please enlighten me, bcos no signal was sent to my email box at the weekend. Your stop loss will depend on what your trading entry is as well as risk management. Then price action leads the way in what to do next. Day there a particular day that they get sent on or? The setups are done during the weekend and posted by Sunday afternoon. Day will receive an email around that time. You can always check to see if they are updated because sometimes the email is sent later in the weekend. I get your question although HOW to trade them is going to depend on you and your testing. Start with the basic instructions and then tweak according to your testing results. In terms of the stop loss…. You can also check out this blog post on stop loss placements. I am very impressed with the amount of information that you have on your site. It is very clear that a lot of hard work and dedication was in this. Keep up the trading work!!! I am learning a lot on this website but I still have a problem in interpreting how to place a pending order i. A but stop and buy limit as opposed to Sell stop and sell limit -using the above graphs. Please may you assist me on this. A sell limit order is an order to sell above current price. You expect the market to rally and then reverse back to the downside A sell stop order is an order to sell below current price. You expect the market to break to the downside. These setups are based on what time frame since they are released setups the whole week? As with all trading setups, you never know what day they will trigger on. Have you tested a multi-time frame strategy? Is there an edge for you? On the same pair in the 4hr time frame you can see a more juicier set up. Thanks for the message! And oh I have another example you may be fascinated in. I think you may have provided a signal for it or took a trade from the pair. And if you mind, is it possible you can do a a new multiple time frame analysis for a pair starting from monthly, daily and h4 etc displaying confluence again? Glad that you send along the comment so I could make a post about it. Confluence is an important factor for trading opportunities that have a trading probability than just a knee jerk reaction! I love this website. I entered my real email to access your signals, but signals remain locked. Menu Simple Forex Trading Strategies Price Action Trading Course Price Action Trading Strategies FX Trading Signals. I read almost all of your block and I so happy to follow your tips, rules and trades. I have a few questions that I would like to ask, is it possible to ask Keep up the great work. I stand to be corrected on my statement though. Can we access last weeks signals through the website? I cant find them. This my first time here… As a learner I think it is the right place to be. Looking forward to learning more from you. Hi there, Have been working my way through all the valuable informaion on your website and must say again it is very informative. Hi Kay Are you also using Nadex for trading is it also suitable for binary and forex trading? Day just found this web and it is best web for learning thank u sir god bless u. Glad you enjoy it! Please Rkay provide me with a clear explanation so that i dont get confused further. Hi Wisdom Right above the current week update, you will see many links to show you what to do with the current update. The charts themselves indicate where the signal is coming from…the time frame. Thanks and keep me informed! Hello Thanks for sharing first and for the amazing content on your website. Thanks Shaned I appreciate your feedback. Because different platforms have different default setting for RSI and AO. I am a Scalper and trade on AU and UJ currencies pair. For your guidance, please. Hi RKay Is there and email address I can email you directly? Hi RKay, I found your website a few weeks ago and I must say it is really useful and very informative, full of great content. Thanks a lot for your time and for sharing your knowledge with other traders. DO YOU HAVE ANY POSTS FOR HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST CURRENCY PAIRS FOR TRADING.? But my question today is: Check your email for confirmation. Dear Thank you very much. Please add me also in your free signals services. Hi shaned, I could not locate the confirmation button in the email you sent me. It must be there somewhere. Are images showing up in your emails? Rkay and company, more life, more blessings! You guys forex the best. Glad to hear it! Thanks for stopping by. Hoping you are learning tons! Im feeling very confident. I entered your email address and the signals became visible on my end. Trying clearing your browser cache or use a different one. Add Comment Cancel reply. Recent Posts Free Forex Trading Signals Published Weekly. Trading Confluence Input From A Blog Reader. Candlestick Pattern Indicator For Trading Reversals. Support And Resistance Indicator MT4 DOWNLOAD LINK. London Breakout Forex Trading Strategy. Let Your Profits Run With 1 Simple Trading Tool. Can A Forex Trader Really Make Millions? Popular Posts Free Forex Trading Signals Published Weekly. Forex Trading Signals Archive. Forex Trading Signal Reviews. Bearish Harami On NSE Index Chart Technical Analysis Based On Price Action. How Much Do I Need To Start Trading Forex? How To Do Multi Timeframe Trading In 3 Simple Steps. Bruce Kovner — Taxi Driver To Hedge Fund Billionaire Trader. Metatrader Forex Trend Indicators — Catch the Big Moves. Does Trading With Intuition Make Your A Better Trader? Bull Trap Trading Strategy Forex. Stop Loss Placement Options For Price Action Forex Signals. Recent Comments shaned on Free Forex Trading Signals Published Weekly john williams on Free Forex Trading Signals Published Weekly shaned on Free Forex Trading Signals Published Weekly shaned on Free Forex Trading Signals Published Weekly mario on Free Forex Trading Signals Published Weekly. About Contact Forex Advertising Simple Forex Trading Strategies Disclaimer Privacy Policy. forex day trading setups

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